All of our prescription and non-prescription computer glasses come with high-definition polycarbonate lenses that are 10x more impact-resistant than glass lenses and provide sharper vision than regular eyeglass lenses. They are all processed by a laboratory in New York with high-quality standards. We want your eyes to be protected, which is why we include the following filters at no extra cost: 100% UVA / UVB Protection, Anti-Scratch, Blue Light and Anti-Reflective.

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Kooper UV Protection

UV Protection

UV radiation can harm your eyes and vision, which can lead to serious conditions such as photokeratitis, cataracts or macular degeneration. We provide 100% UVA and UVB invisible protection to the delicate eye area so your vision gets the comfort and shield it requires.

Kooper Scratch


The anti-scratch coating was designed to be applied to optical surfaces as a way to reduce the appearance of hairline scratches that are common in eyeglass lenses. This reduction in scratches not only gives your vision an enhanced clarity, but it also makes the lenses more resilient and safe.

Kooper Blue Light

Blue Light

In the current digital era, we are constantly exposed to blue light emitted by screens, which can cause damage to the retina and cause eyestrain, eye fatigue and even sleep cycle disruption. Our coating blocks up to 95% of the strongest blue light wavelengths reducing stress in the eye’s ciliary muscle.

Kooper AR


Glare is emitted by different sources of light, but by providing multiple layers of AR film, or coating, any extra light or artificial feedback in your eyes gets blocked. AR coating provides you with both comfort and visual acuity for your everyday life.